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Brown horse - bonding at DreamCatcher Farm

Getting To Know Your Horse

Bonding with an animal that you don’t know very well can seem intimidating, but with patience and dedication you will be able to win the heart of your new horse. A close relationship doesn’t begin immediately, it develops over a period of time. So remember that although you may instantly love your horse, they may need you to be patient as they connect with you at their own pace.

Lead Through Friendship

Dedicate as much time to your horse as you do with other important relationships in your life. They will learn to recognize you, your body language, and your tone of voice, and as time passes communication will become easier and your bond will grow deeper. Assert your leadership and gain their respect by showing your horse that you are supportive and trustworthy.

Speaking Of Body Language…

Body language is universal and is the easiest way to communicate between species that cannot speak to each other. Pay attention to how your horse moves towards you and how they react to certain commands or actions. This will help you decide your next move and how to best relay your thoughts through your movements. Remember to remain calm and patient throughout the process as horses are extremely receptive to emotions. If you get stressed out, they will become stressed out.

Establishing Dominance

Horses are naturally curious and painfully independent. Because of this, some horses will test you throughout their training process while you are still trying to form a respectful bond. Don’t allow them to push ahead of you or to chase you out of the pen. Standing your ground and showing the horse that you are in charge will help to solidify the bonding experience and will create a long-lasting and mutually respectful relationship.

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